About my five-year journey with the World Wide Lab, an international directors collective.


Last Monday, two ferries and an early flight had taken most of this year’s World Wide Lab (WWL) participants off the Greek Island Syros. After 16 days of communal living and working, it felt very surreal to walk in the monastery alone, hearing only the sound of the wind, barking dogs, church bells, boat sirens, roosters and some far away passing vehicles. No more English with various accents. No more faint accordion melody accompanying the singing of “Utopia”. No more collective annoyed sigh whenever WiFi broke off. Only the empty chairs left on the vast terrace, a pile of used linens in front of each room on the hallway, or the internet cable spaghettis leading to the collective Wi-Fi corner gave away traces of our time together. Last Tuesday at 6 o’clock, when Iphigenia, one of our actors, and I shut the front door of the monastery behind us…

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